Thinking about switching from windows to Linux? Read This


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Thinking about switching from windows to Linux? Read This

Why I switched?

So around 3 months ago I switched to Linux from Windows 10. I have a very low end PC so Windows 10 was lagging a lot so I thought to switch to Linux. I then installed ubuntu (because it very beginner friendly) on it in dualboot mode.

Time for a little change

I definitely ran a lot better than windows. But after some time, It's UI also seemed a bit boring to me. So the I installed the KDE PLasma desktop environment on top of it. And I just loved it.

KDE ๐Ÿ˜

KDE has a lot of features and is very customizable

  • Very user friendly If you are coming from windows then this would feel a little similar.

  • Customisation Literally everything in the UI is customizable. From the UI theme to the title bar for application windows. You can even change the splash screen, lock screen, font, emoji, icons , cursors etc with just few clicks. Its plasma store has a lot of these packs. I'm personally using Noctis Round Theme beautiful

  • Keyboard Shortcuts KDE has a lot of useful kde shortcuts. And if you want some other shorcuts, you can even add them manually. Like I assigned Start + v to open clipboard history just like windows. Adding keyboard shorcuts is very simple in KDE

  • Addons Plasma store has a lot of addons that you can download and apply. You can even change your default application launcher (a.k.a. Start menu) to a completely different one. Normal Menu Full Screen Menu And there many many other menu's in the plasma store. Some even resembling Windows 11. And there are many other addons for window effects, blur effects, closing animations etc. addons preview There are so many addons in the plasma store, & many of them are incredible. I am using a lot of them & the best part, my PC still runs far better on KDE than on Windows ๐Ÿคฃ.


  • System Wide Search:

KDE has KRunner, which is a system wide search & its much faster than Window's search. And guess what, you can download addons to extend it functionality. fast

There are many other features in KDE that I like.


I just love KDE Plasma & its a great alternative for Windows. I am not switching back to Windows anytime soon. So if you want to switch from Windows, try KDE plasma.

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