Re-Dcrypt Cryptic Hunt Making

Hello Everyone, firstly I'm very excited to announce that I'm going to organize a cryptic hunt event. Re-Dcrypt Cryptic Hunt on 8ᵗʰ and 9ᵗʰ October. It will be a 48 hours hunt. A cryptic hunt is like an online treasure hunt. You need to use your brain and the internet to reach to a final answer. There will be awesome prizes for everyone.
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I have been working on the website and the bot from more than 2 months now. I had my exams in between and a lot more things. But I had a lot of fun building the website and the bot. I used Django for the main backend. I even wrote a daily journal while building this. Even tough I'm not into frontend, yet I made a very nice looking website. I'm very proud of it. I also made a trailer with the help of another person. I used Notion to store any relevant article I found which could help me in that. I used many saas services. One thing that really helped me build it even better is noting down ideas when I couldn't work on them. I heard saying that our brain is not for storing ideas, its for creating ideas. So whenever I got any idea, I noted it down on notion or clickup. And then worked on it aterwards. Otherwise I would have forgotten them. I will make the code opensource after the hunt and will also make a detailed post explaining all the features. And for questions making , I have 2 more friends helping me in that.


We got 2 sponsors as of now, Taskade and . If you are interested in sponsoring the event, you can contact me at

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