My Hacktober Experience

My Hacktober Experience

October, also known as Hacktober for devs, is a really awesome month. Hacktoberfest is a very good oppurtunities for beginners to start their open source journey. Open source is a really fun ride to begin. I participated in hacktoberfest as well as a hackathon this month and also a opensource event. This was kind of my first exeprience for all of these.


This year, it was my first hacktober. I made some basic contributions in few open source repos. Thats the beauty of hacktoberfest. Even beginners are welcome. Even simplest of the simplest contributions are appreciated. Even if most people do it for swags, still its a nice motivation for beginners to start. I completed my 4 contribution just in few days and also received the holopin badges. They look pretty cool to be honest. Here is my holopin board.

Live Holopin Board (This may be changed with different badges if viewed at a later date): @dilutewater's Holopin board

Static version: holopin static


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So this month, our college organized a hackathon as well. I decided to participate in it. This was my first ever hackathon. It was quite fun and I also learned a lot. I had an awesome team to work with. We were not even looking to win any prize this time. However after completing we think we can win the replit track prize. But the results for the track are still not out. We are still waiting for 1it.

DelhiFOSS event

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I also attended the DelhiFOSS event hosted by FOSS United. It was also very very fun and informative. Met many awesone peoples there. Learned a lot.

Attending all these events was really fun. I learned and enjoyed a lot. Met many new people.

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