8 Chrome extensions I use as a developer

There are many great chrome extensions out there on the chrome web store. And these are the few extensions that I use on daily basis.


  • Bitwarden


It is one of the best password managers and I use it for storing my password, and some confidential notes etc.

  • Notion Web clipper


I have been in many situations when I need to bookmark pages/articles. I use notion web clipper instead. I just add that page to my links database. It even saves the page contents in notion directly so I don’t even need to visit that site afterwards

  • Amino live css editor


I really like to customise webpages according to my own preference and system theme. This extension helps me do that.

  • DuckDuckGo privacy essentials


I have came across sites that ask for email for verification or for newsletters. So I just give a newly created email (@duck.com) and it forwards to my main email. I can even reply to it through that email. And if I feel like its spamming my inbox , I can just disable that email.

  • OSlash


I have started to use this very recently. The best way to describe it will be a speed dial for internet. You can create o-links for the most important pages/ documents that you visit everyday or frequently. After that you can directly go to it by typing o/<short-name> . Its really handy

  • Slapdash


This is also a very useful extension. It indexes all you documents and important files from many different services like notion, google docs, google drive etc and provides a single search for all of them.

  • Sponsorblock


This is a really time saving extension, it can automatically skip all the sponsor segment/end credits/intro etc in a youtube video.

  • octotree


This extension is really useful if you use github regularly. It basically adds a code-tree like layout to github.

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